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We believe in safe and healthy way to maintain your health.
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Personalized Diet Plan

Customized dietary advices for healthy lifestyle.
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Economical diet tips

Affordable and readily available diet tips.
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Flexible Diet Tips

Based on your requirements, preferences and mood.
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About Devika's Diet Clinic
who are we

Devika's Diet Clinic is independently owned and operated by Dietitian Devika Rani since 2011. She is a highly acclaimed and trusted name in the respective category, as she is a specialist in Weight Loss and Therapeutic Diets. Most often she provides Dietary Advices and Remedies to respective individuals through e-mails and WhatsApp Messenger

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Weight Loss

We provide customized diet plans, carefully planned as per the body type and other attributes unique to an individual only.

Therapeutic Diet

Scientifically designed Diet Plan that controls the intake of certain foods or nutrients depending upon the case theory.


Our unique and scientific Nutritional Therapy aims to encourage the body's natural healing mechanisms to help prevent disease.

Why You Should Choose Us?
Our Unique Selling Points

Personalized Diet Plan

We provide personalized or custom-made diet plans for our clients that are tailor-made to suit their health requirements.

Improves Overall Health

Our unique and scientific nutritional therapy aims to encourage the body's natural healing mechanisms to support and help prevent diseases through the given diet plan.

No Medications

We do not prescribe any medicines or other chemical formulations. We believe in providing balanced diets and encourage healthy dietary habits to achieve the overall health objectives.

No Crash/Strict Diet

We do not believe in providing low-calorie diets nor are we too strict in our approach while drafting a diet plan. We are rather flexible with the client's requirements, preferences and even mood on a particular day.

Modifications In Diet Plan

Depending upon a client's needs/environment, we do sometimes allow alterations or modifications in a given diet plan. Of course, these changes are allowed to happen after a discussion with us and only if they meet our approval.

No Substitutes

We do not ask or promote the use of substitutes in the form of branded powders or drinks among our clients. We encourage the use of basic food items that are widely and easily available to all our clients and are used on a day-to-day basis.

No Cooking Burden

Client-friendly diet plans with recipes that are easy to prepare.


No exotic diets that are light for stomach but heavy on your pocket. Plus, we have quite affordable and budgeted diet packages.

International Clientele

We have a growing client base not only nationally but also globally especially from USA, Canada and Gulf countries.

Vast Experience

We have a decade-long experience in serving a wide variety of clients ranging from patients to health-conscious socialites.

How We Are Unique?
why we are the best?

No Starving

We do not starve our clients. Our diet plans provide the required nutritional support.

Food of Choice

We do take into account a client's preferences and try to incorporate such food choices into our diet plans.

Unlimited Support

No limit on your interactions with us. You enjoy unlimited support on WhatsApp, phone or email.

Option to Eat Out

We allow our clients the freedom to eat out especially on weekends.

Rs 2500/-    For 1 Month


Rs 4800/-    For 2 Months


Our Specialized Services

  • Weight Loss Programmes
  • Detox Plan
  • Diet Plan for Thyroid
  • Diet Plan for Diabetes
  • Diet Plan for PCOS
  • Diet Plan for Blood Pressure
  • Diet Plan for Healthy Living
  • Diet Plan for Weight Gain
  • Diet Plan for Pregnancy/Lactation

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